Taught myself something new today

Today I was asked to replicate a form in Microsoft Word using a function I didn’t even know existed. In fact, I was so sure this form was not a Word doc that I asked the person requesting it to forward me the form so I could tell them it wasn’t. Boy, was I surprised when it was a Word doc. My next thought was “awesome challenge”. I was going to figure this out. And, I did. I was so proud of myself. It’s a feeling I love. I sent an email to the requestor with an example of what he wanted. The bottom line was that I used all the resources I could think of to learn this new function and I did what was needed to be done to figure it out. That’s just one example of me figuring out the impossible (of course, isn’t the “possible” or “impossible” just a mindset?). What really gets my blood flowing is handing someone else a solution to their problem. It’s almost as good as finding the solution to one of mine.

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