So you say you are a fast learner

It seems like every company I’ve ever worked for has a “system”.   At my first 2 real jobs out of college, the “systems” were home grown.  Everyone had to learn how to use them after they were hired.  The next job I took used a “system” that I call affectionately “”. In the interview, the hiring manager stressed his concern about being able to use learn this program.  I tried to give examples of how I was a fast learner.  But, isn’t that something you have to see for yourself in order to believe?  In a couple days after starting, I had learned the basics.  Most of the functions I perform now…well, I’ve taught myself the in’s and out’s.  The other day someone called me an expert and said I should do consulting.  Oh no, here I go thinking again.  Another example of having no prior experience, but getting up to warp speed fast, is mass email programs and HTML.  I picked that up too…on my own.  Now, people ask me for help.  Excel is another program that I’ve actually taken classes to learn more about.  But, I’ve learned more tricks by teaching myself when problem solving than I ever learned from others.  I seek out the answers I need to get the job done. I don’t see this as extra work. It’s part of the job; don’t you agree?

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