The Job

all about being Sarah’s boss

Job Responsibilities:
Give me a challenge.
Be supportive by listening to my ideas and giving me constructive feedback.
Back me up when I stir the pot.
Be confident that I have your back.
Answer my questions.  I may ask a lot at first but I only ask once.
Trust that I’ll make sound business decisions once I’ve learned your business.  I’m a super fast learner and I’m not just saying that. Click Here for an example.

Must need a superstar business manager.
Must be a straight shooter.
Must work hard and play hard.
Must be a non smoker. This tells me you care about yourself and you’ll take less breaks.
Must be OK with me being based out of the Chicago Northwest suburbs.
Depending on the situation some of these requirements might be negotiable.  With me, almost anything is negotiable.  I have a 4 year old and I am always in a negotiation.

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